Image, Nicholas Orloff Ever say “I wish we got a picture of that” after something remarkable happened at your once in a lifetime event?

If you hired me, you’d be saying “I can’t believe we got a photo of that!”

I’m an event photographer covering London and the South East. Conferences, concerts and festivals are my area of expertise-anywhere many people get together. And my mission is to capture emotions and interesting details from the seemingly ordinary.

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But your event is not ordinary. And you need photos to show those who couldn’t make it, and to remind those who did what a fantastic time it was.

Someone showing up with a camera is not enough. You need someone who gets what’s going on, who’s who, and what you need the photos to tell your story, not show it.

What’s in it for you:

  • Experience & versatility: I have been trusted with everything from board meetings to conferences held in , business meetings in and concerts, festivals, parties and parade.
  • Preparation: I don’t just show up—I research who’s who and what’s where, check out your venue beforehand and have a plan. More importantly, I know when to change the plan. We have a conversation about expectations and I know the story of your day the night before.
  • Flexibility: I’ll fade into the background and stay out of the way, or mingle with the crowd. Or both, it’s up to you.
  • Work ethic: I’m there before everyone else, stay until everyone’s left, work fast but attentively to make sure I’m where the stories unfold.
  • Output: I don’t send you a bunch of snapshots. I create emotive and logically organised albums that tell your event’s complete story.
  • Timeliness: Three business day turn around for your finished photos.

What now?

Check out my event galleries and let my work speak for itself. Then contact me and we can discuss what you need and what I can do.

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